On the Affordability of Zocchi Dice

Everyone has read the Grognardia post on why Zocchi dice are the most awesome, and yet many people I talk to are complaining about the price,

I was originally going to post that it is a die, less than a dollar. I spend what it would cost to get all the dice you would need for the DCC RPG every day on caffeine. etc.

I looked through my purchases of Gamescience dice in 2009, and noticed that the price I paid for my GameScience dice was 12$ for smoked quartz ink sets, and 9$ for black and white opaque inked sets. (standard 7 die sets) Individual dice were purchased for 1.75$

Checking the website it appears that un-inked opaque sets usually go for under 7$ while inked opaque sets sell for 12$ (which is more than I paid for mine) Translucent uninked sets go for 10$ with inked translucent sets for 15$. This is a 25% increase in price. All the information above is for 7 die sets.

The 12 die sets (with the extra specialty Zocchi Dice, d3/5 etc.) appear to be retailing (inked) for between 33$ and 40$! For 5 additional dice, they are asking for more than double the money! They want 7$ for a inked d3!

Clearly the solution is to travel back in time and purchase your dice in the past. I remember seeing the d3/d5/d7 etc on sale for under a dollar when there weren't any games that were using them.

I call shenanigans.


  1. Well, you can re-ink a d6 or d10 for the d3 and d5, but you're pretty much stuck with d8, reroll for 1-7. Or you can just home-brew the best parts of DCC in your own game and the hell with the proprietary dice cartel.

  2. I would never object to them based on price alone, but I think when you consider it is money that just flat-out doesn't *need* to be spent since there are perfectly good number ranges available for gaming with standard RPG dice, it seems kind of like it may not be worth the hassle. It seems to me like DCC has some neat ideas but is upping the complexity factor quite a bit, seemingly just because it can. That can't be good for casual gamers, and I have some in my group. So DCC will be a "pass" for me, even if I might think parts of it sound cool. I do own a set of "regular" Zocchi dice though, they are great.

  3. I love weird dice, and I'd buy them like a shot if I could get them locally (I'm in Christchurch, in New Zealand). I've had universally bad experiences trying to buy Zocchi dice over the 'net; ludicrously high handling costs combined with long, long delays and misleading stocking reports have really soured me on them -- I just can't be bothered with the hassle any more. It's a real shame, because they're my favourite dice brand by far.


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