On 100 posts and 40 Followers!

I leveled up!

My new rank title is now Thinker!

Old School RPG Blogger Advancement Table.

Thank you all for following and commenting! Look forward next week to the free release of "Tricks, Empty Rooms, and Basic Trap Design". It's a 30(!) page document looking awesome so far! It's the book nobody makes - filled with every conceivable tool to endlessly generate empty rooms and the ever needed tricks.

Maybe Cyclopetron should do some sort of 'momentum' study, where followers gained per blog post is some metric for blog popularity.


  1. The big 40 and the big 100. Congrats on leveling up.

  2. ...and may the gods have mercy on thy soul.

    There's no turning back ye know... ;)

  3. Now get out there and do some more thinking!

  4. Grats! Looking forward to seeing that free release

  5. Looks like you're forming a nice cult.


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