Community Dungeons and Dragons episode airs this week!

I'm fairly certain that this weeks Community is the Dungeons and Dragons episode!

For half an hour they are going to play D&D on the show. Actually sitting there and playing D&D from what I understand. The news is here.

Everyone be sure to tune in!


  1. In the promo for it, there is someone sitting there in full drow cosplay. I hope I'm wrong, but I'm thinking that bodes ill for their take on things.

  2. I dunno. I've been following the show, and I think the point is that he's out of line for doing it.

    It was an Advanced Dungeons and Dragons module he was holding up, so bully old school!

  3. I watched it, and yes, it poked fun at the game, but I think it wasn't all just a cheap shot at the game. Or maybe it was, but I am not a reliable source since I am getting older and, well, getting mentally slower/dumber. At any rate, personnally, I feel you have to have a sense of humor about most things in life. So let the people laugh at the game! We're not the insecure teenagers anymore that can't stand up to the mockery! We have the last laugh, because we know how great a thing RPGs are! All I know it, I laughed a lot during the show. Community has some stinkers for episodes, but sometimes they get it right. And Chang is a big part of the goodness of the show. Seriously, no matter what that actor is in, he kills me!


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