On Shooting Yourself in the Foot

I really need to get to sleep since I have to be back at work in like six hours, but again, I feel the need to pass this on. The eponymous Cyclopeatron of the excellent Cyclopeatron blog brings us the news that Pathfinder is outselling 4th edition Dungeons and Dragons.

I mean, I wouldn't want to show up to work on this Friday at Wizards of the Coast. It sucks for them. But like most of America, the bloodlust in their eyes at the thought of monetizing Dungeons and Dragons like Magic:the Gathering made them kill the goose.

Perhaps they need to learn the lessons that the great business men in the early 20th century knew.

"A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business."
Henry Ford


  1. After playing 4e and Pathfinder (and being of a more old school mindset anyway), 4e is effectively WoW on the tabletop. And since I quit playing WoW, I don't really want to have it on my tabletop. WoW/4e was pretty, flashy and fun (sort of) for short amounts of time.

  2. I think the guys at WoTC just assumed that everyone had their playstyle (lay out the dungeon and move through it room by room killing everything inside) which ironically is tied into the core aesthetic of the OSR movement. i.e. that *isn't* the way the vast majority of players (28+ and older) play.


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