The D&D Community Episode

There's a show I've seen that contains some of the very best, and very worst television I've ever seen.


The surreal claymation episode where Abed discovers that the meaning of Christmas is a present of the first season of Lost on DVD (i.e. "Unfulfilled Expectations") is one of the most entertaining and brilliant episodes of television I've ever seen. The one where they get trapped in a Kentucky Fried Chicken space simulator bus is possibly the most insipid, monotonous half-hours of television ever made (though it does sound funny on paper, now that I write it out). There is very little middle ground. Zombie episode good, Britta becomes Abed's mother bad, conspiracy episode good, confessing to cheating in Spanish episode bad.

I mention it here, because in an upcoming episode, they will play a game of Dungeons and Dragons for the whole half-hour. When asked about it, the show's creator said, "They're just sitting at the table playing," which means that it might actually be an honest representation of Dungeons and Dragons on national media. There is no word on which edition they will play, nor when the episode will air. When I acquire this information I will publish it here, as well as a review of the episode after it airs.

Here's where I found out about the news, from Alan Sepinwall's excellent TV blog.

Here's an interview with the cast about the Dungeons and Dragons episode.


P.S. I promise I'm not trying to monetize my blog. (Clearly, you may note I don't have adsense turned on). ;-p I just figured, since I happen to have posts about media this month, that I should point people towards where they can acquire said media. I usually do not post about media, and hope the gesture is taken as a service. Thank you very much for your patience.

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