Session Eighteen

Travel has ensued
A small quest. Dimensional
invaders attack.

The above haiku mentions the bit that was left out of the last session post. Upon everyone reaching the Boarman city, there was a small quest done, where the players were sent to investigate a strange transparent pylon. There was a small battle against strange beasts, led by a heretofore unknown non-human.

That was what happened the previous week. This week however, they leveled up, and prepared to deal with the sea devils. They journeyed to the coast and set up a small basecamp. There were several encounters along the way, wild warthogs, some giant ants that were avoided.. There was a notable encounter against a small selection of acid weasels where one of the parties new bodyguards, a Gnoll fighter startled them and got blasted in the face with acid. 12d6 acid damage later, he was no more. So long Antis Aphex. :-)

  They discovered a ridgeline, that was actually the skeletal corpse of a gigantic wurm or serpent with a huge human skull. They discovered a plaque written in an ancient language talking about a legendary sword that slew this monster. They also discovered the enchanted sea bridge and that it allowed the to travel and breath underwater. They set up camp, and will begin their underwater forays in the coming weeks.

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