On Supplimental Material

So, I've been kind of confused about the poor response to the treasure and psionic documents. I don't really have access to download numbers, but no one has commented on them. I have gotten a few comments (almost all good) from the threads I've started.

I then realized I use several resources, who's authors I'm sure I've never contacted. So, here are some links to what I have found to be very useful documents. If any of these links fail (in the future), please e-mail me so I can update this post. If you like them (or mine) perhaps you should draw some attention to them on your own blogs.

Random Magical Effects:
This was a surprise, when searching for the original link, I discovered not only the file I use, but an updated version. Each file has d10,000 (4d10) random magical effects for wild surges, chaos bursts, spell mishap, and alchemical mishap rolls. These may also be used for artifacts, wands of wonder, random magical side effects, and more. They are written by Orrex, who did manage to print his e-mail address in the version 2.0 of his file. There are comments that some of his entries are 'inappropriate' for fantasy games (Caster now owns a widescreen television), but those people are explicitly wrong. Gygax accounted for all this in his basic dimensional models. Also, what else is better to fall upon a casters head.

The links:
Version 1.2
Version 2.0

Character Traits:
I was unable to locate the source of this file. It's a listing of a variety of character traits as well as 400 personality traits. I've uploaded the file in the hopes that it will help someone else. Again, this is not my document.
Character Traits

This is a list of a variety of dramatic conflicts, along with their variations.
The Big List of RPG Plots

Again, I'm not the creator of any of these documents, just that I've used them and they have been very helpful.


  1. I think it's easy to simply read the stuff & click on...hence relatively few comments. For what it's worth, I'm reading your stuff & liking most of it.

  2. Having just DLed the psionics supplement & glanced it over, it seems like a cool mix of 1e & 2e AD&D psionics. Well Done!

    I doubt it will ever get a ton of comment as the majority of gamers seem to hate psionics in D&D. It is also not clear where one WOULD comment, so I'm just posting it here. Some players LOVE psi though, I've had a couple, so I'm sure some folks will enjoy the psi document!

  3. I just found your blog a few days ago. I dig the treasure suppliment

  4. The big list of RPG plots link is down. And I've downloaded your PDFs and find them as well as your blog in general very useful. our games are better for it !

  5. Your treasure PDF is SUPERB. I just found it a few minutes ago. Thanks. I now love this blog. I came here by way of Blogs on Tape.


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