Session Twelve

Eldrich Sea Cow Beast,
Skeletons Screaming in pain -
Take that leg right off.

First, new readers should know each session post stands entirely on it's own.

Second, wow, what a session.

The session can be summarized by the players got tired of exploring the dungeon, and decided to solve a mystery of a little girls disappearance. They followed this mystery to the inevitable conclusion that they were responsible for her abduction and ritual sacrifice. Maybe.

The session started by addressing Usui's leg. Elimen the drow necromancer summoned a representative of her "deific" liege and bargained with Usui's servitude and eventual conversion of his soul for a replacement of his leg. She hacked it off at the hip and his leg was replaced by a silvery silent stag leg.

That handled they returned to town and found the message from the parents of the child Bera that she had disappeared. They followed her tracks out of town where they found a buried firepit, and rocks with dark stains. They also located a bit of a cloak. The cloak resembled the cloak of the Klaxites, a church which has recently arrived in town, led by a charismatic man named Maldorazi. Although they have been nothing but explicitly helpful, the characters are all still highly suspicious of the church.

They dig out the firepit, finding what are definitely remains of a small girl. They return to town intent on clearing their names. The only cleric powerful enough to speak with the dead is Maldorazi himself, so reluctantly they enter the church.

He raises the phantasm of the young girl, and immediately Zeltara asks, "Hey, little girl, did you ever find your dog?" using up one of the questions. After being shouted down by the party, they asked the girl what happened to her. She replied that a beautiful lady with dark skin came and took her out into the woods and that's the last that she remembers. She also said everything was dark and warm and frightening where she was. They asked her to describe the dark lady, and she described Elimen.

The whole party was arrested. This went unlike I'm sure it goes in many games, because I have a mature group of players that don't mind getting into the damn car to move the story forward. I should point out that I am completely ok if the response to getting arrested is to run or murder the guards. I have no preplanned outcome. I'm just pointing out, that when I was young, I remember not being able to implement 'go to prison' scenarios because players would never submit. Now that I don't 'implement scenarios' at all, when it came up, everyone went right to jail.(Well, excepting Nash, who threatened the guards by saying he would tattoo a dick on their foreheads with magic, and then ran. They caught him. He's only a henchmen anyway.)

Elimen then told the party her sad tale. In the worship of the androgynous Moon Deity Ranul, she fled her underdark, her sistern, and her life and ran to the surface where she could worship in peace. Yet she did not come alone - a man, Klo-thort, servant of Bis, hunts her and any other worshiper of Ranul to extinction. She has traveled here to destroy his power base on earth, and free the world from his enormity. She knows he lives to the south in the swamp, and has little other information to his purposes. She says it is this man who has framed her, and they must find and kill him, to clear their names.

It was then, that Jayla the Black entered the jail, having left her metal hut for the first time in years, for the sole purpose of being their legal counsul. In her careful, paranoid, hostile way, she informed the party that they had no chance, they would all be found guilty - Elimen would be fined 550gp, and hung by the neck until dead for the charge of Murder, and the rest of the party would be found guilty of Failing Duty to Crown, Purjury, and Being a Public Menace, requiring a recantation and apology for their actions, a public flogging, and permanent banishment. She then cackled and left.

That night, the party decided to break from the insecure jail. They left their cells, retrieved most of their equipment, and fled the city, holing up for the night in the first floor of the dungeon they were exploring. The night passed without event.

In the morning, uncertain of what to do, they headed south for a bit. I had a bit of a panic moment when they started to go to areas I had not designed. Then I remembered, I spent dozens of hours creating tools to handle this very specific eventuality. They found an ancient, undisturbed Mabden treasure cache, but left it alone, having nowhere to cart it. They decided at least on a short term basis, to finally head to the boarman city, to see what they could find there.

On their way to the city, they ran into a large group of Lizard-Men, Members of the Hightide Fen Tribe. Combat was (narrowly) avoided, and they found them congenial enough, if somewhat primitive. It turns out they were hunting Bullywugs of the Rexxor clan. The party volunteered to assist them with their assault on the "evil, repugnant, giant frog men". It was there we ended the session.

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