Session Eleven

I've sat down to do this session several times, yet each time blogger responds with 'service unavailable, 503' apologies.

Realtime Riddle
gave them a wish. ha ha ha!
Not good for players.

We started this weeks session with a return to town, where they found the Eldritch Sea Cow Beast with hideous proboscis surrounded by mini-tentacles, a translucent exposed brain, and spectral chains binding it to the ground.

From its skull sprang spectral Suffering Skeletons, bones of some long forgotten race, surrounded by spectral fire, screaming in constant agony. They are the ethereal servants wished for by the party.

Disturbed, but unsure of how to deal with the situation, they gave multiple conflicting instructions, and returned to the dungeon. One of my players noted that he thought "they wasted that wish" and next time he "was going to wish for something that gave me some experience"

They finished their explorations of the first level and descended to the second. There was a minor encounter with strange Huge electrical spiders which fled from them upon approach. They declined to follow them down the shaft, once they realized that the webbing was non-flammable. They made good time, exploring much of that level. They explored quite a bit, and then ran into more of those Stone Guardians. Several of the PC's desiring to be seen as honorable, strode up into melee combat unarmored. One of the stone guardians turned and made two attacks against Usui the new players thief. The dice turned up in the tray.

20, 20.

Two critical hits against his leg. The first nearly pulped his ankle, destroying his Achilles tendon. He suffered neither paralysis, nor profuse bleeding, but was knocked off his feet. The second hit him in the thigh, which normally was ok, but ended up doing 18 points of damage. This left Usui at -3. He made his roll to avoid going into shock, and they managed to kill off the guardians before heading into town.Usui had a negative movement rate meaning he was unable to walk. One of the nice things about criticals in Hackmaster, is that a normal cure spell leaves many of the penalties from the critical. There is a good chance Usui will never walk correctly again.

Maldorazi cleric of Klax is the only cleric of a high enough level in town to heal anyone of critical wounds or to raise the dead. Being that Elimen has a particular enmity towards Klax, her and Usui headed off into the woods to see what she could do about his leg.

There, we ended the night.

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