Psionics update

I've fixed Jayson Elliot's worksheet to have the correct fonts, and updated the combat reference so that it will be a more complete table reference, with all the psionic vs. psionic and psionic vs. non-psionic tables in the same place. If you know the rules, all you should need at the table is that sheet + the character record.

If you're dropping by to pick it up, feel free to comment on any post, no matter how old it is, and please subscribe to either the .rss feed or become a fan! I've got more things like this in the works, and would love to have comments.

Also feel free to contact either Nathan or I for writing or art commissions. 

Thanks everyone!


  1. Did you stealth update your previous psionics post ( There's no linked file here, and it's hard to tell, because the document still says v1.0

    1. Yes, the document at that location is indeed the most current one, containing the additions located above.


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