On Where is that Train Headed?

Brought to my attention on Drawings & Dragons there is this post on the 4e message boards.

To be short, it's a set of powers that is only fluff, and has no mechanical information or benefit.

The other day on /traditional games/, there was a thread about an marketer doing research for an "unnamed company" that was quizzing professional women 20-35 on how they felt about Dungeons and Dragons. (Here's a hint, They don't like it, or you.)

I assume that there are many intelligent college-educated people at Hasbro. Is it flat out ignorance that makes them think they can turn Dungeons and Dragons into a moneymaker like Magic? Don't they realize it's a niche product?

More importantly, don't they know beyond the shade cast by conception of momentary doubt that a product that tries to appeal to everyone appeals to no one?

I am only comforted by the fact that people, in the end, tend to act in the same ways over and over making them statistically like to get the natural consequences for their actions.


  1. That post on the 4e forum says it. It says the Charm Person spell from oD&D doesn’t fit in any edition of D&D. Wizards’ D&D is already a different hobby from mine. Maybe some people are still doing traditional role-playing with it, but it looks to me like they’re doing it in spite of the system/company.

    To those who define D&D as merely a brand name, I’m not playing D&D anymore. I’m playing Labyrinth Lord. Instead of explaining my hobby as “like D&D”, it is now “like D&D used to be” if I mention D&D at all.

    (Oh, and the current male:female ratio in my primary group is currently 4:3 and in a side group it is 1:3. So why Wizards thinks it has to try to market D&D to women like Shelly Mazzanoble is beyond me. I think they need to fix their market research rather than the game.)

  2. Hahaha, I didn't realize things had come to that. That's the best example I've seen showing why I avoid most RPG forums - there's such a huge disconnect between my position and the position of the people in that thread that there's no point in dialogue.

  3. First, thanks for the comments.

    Second, I know, right? As per reading the WotC forums, I never go there. I was turned onto that link.

    But reading it, I'm astounded by the thought processes by some of the posters. They appear confused, or possibly brain damaged. I didn't know quite how to parse their thinking. It's not just the shift in position, it's more like they are totally unaware that what they think is a position and that there might be another one besides their own.

    It makes me sad for the education system really - Dungeons and Dragons used to attract intelligent creative people (or made people intelligent and creative). This group of people, just in this one thread, is not what I would describe as that. I'd use some different adjectives.


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