So I've finished my treasure document.
Treasure Generation

This document will allow you to determine treasure amounts by either the average party level, or the average danger of the monsters, and then place treasure of art, goods, furniture, jewelery, coins, or magic items. It will also assist you in determining where treasure is located, as well as helping you describe all of the above objects, including quantity (based off the gold piece value) and weight. It is 100% system neutral, designed for old-school games, but it would work equally as well in a d20 game.

The important thing to note is that it is not a specific list of items (*clatter* *clatter* 89 *tablelookup* "You find a gold comb with rubies") but instead a listing of all possible items in each category you might find, along with hundreds of ways that item might be altered to be more or less valuable. It is really a system to creating interesting valuable treasure, instead of just a list of interesting treasure.

It does this in a way that randomly generating treasure using these tables you run no risk of unbalancing your game (as you might on some magic item generation tables).

Edit: I have, upon feedback, added values that let you generate treasure per the original treasure types in addition to the other methods given. Ignoring that value when rolling for gems and magic items, should produce results near average to the original tables (with the added advantage of having furniture and goods available as treasure results).

Please let me know what you think.


  1. Thanks! I appreciate the feedback.

  2. I'm designing my first D&D 3ed adventure, and was trying to think of or find more interesting and believable ways to present all the random treasure. This document should prove a valuable reference for me. Thanks for making it and publishing it!


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