So, I am releasing the psionics supplement!

This is a tool you can use to implement psionics in any old school game! It is fully compatible with a variety of old school systems and clones, which I am not naming for copyright reasons. I personally play a version of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, so the class and schooling tables are geared towards that type of play, but the document is fully compatible with all of the old school games and clones. This document can be printed out and dropped into any game, and works with preexisting psionic text in current rule sets.

It is totally free and released under the OGL.

The free 44 page work contains:
  • A description of psionic ability and how it is acquired
  • A listing of psionic attacks and defenses and how to handle psionic combat
  • A huge listing of powers, including devotions, sciences, and arts
  • Psionic items, including rules for the creation of psionic ego items and artifacts
  • A fully featured, 20 level, player character psionic class
  • Psionic schooling tables
  • Several packages and kits
  • A psionic combat quick reference sheet
  • Psionic encounters reference
  • Two psionic power reference sheets (one for strict 1st edition play, and one for our slightly modified system)
  • Art 
  • And more!
If you ever wanted psionics in your game and were frustrated by rules being spread out all over the place, or certain difficulties inherent in the system, trust that they've been addressed!

Material was also contributed by Jayson Elliot of Roll for Initiative, the first edition podcast, and Nathan Lord without whom the supplement would be a shadow of its current form. Thanks to both of them for their beautiful and hard work.

Please download our work and check it out!

It can be found here, and always be found in the resources box on the right side of this blog! Look for future game aids and DM supplements released free!



  1. OK! Yes yes yes, beautifully done supplement. I started out my blog with a (very poorly formatted) take on psionics and a psionic class.

    It is really cool to see where you went with these same ideas and possibilities. It is amazing to see the many parallels we came up with, as well as the many divergences. Please check out my many other posts on the subject as well, and let me know what you think.

    I think the single most important change to the original rules, as you also identified, is to move psionic combat to the realm of rounds, not segments.

    I also find it awesome that you also identified the vital factor of "soul-ness" in having psionics, versus "soul-less" creatures that cannot have psionics. I have formulated this distinction using the idea of the astral plane. In short, psionics are an expression of the astral body, mainly affecting the astral bodies of other creatures.

    Please click on my label "Wild Psionics" to see the many posts I've developed on the subject, but you might want to start with this one:

  2. You may also appreciate the mathematical probabilities leading to the distribution of psionics in society. According to the math, they are definitely under-utilized.

    However, one area where we differed was that I postulated that members of the Psionic Class, (not just the 100 in 45k above-mentioned "wild psionics"), would only receive instruction in a Master-Apprentice relationship. I figured it would tend to run in families anyway, and the deep intimacy of the psionic mentoring process would preclude anything else. I conceive of it much like a Sith Lord-to-apprentice relationship, a truly secret society.

  3. I'm going to check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Layout comment: I appreciate that it mimics the AD&D typeface and such. However, it's hard to read that way!

    Please, in future efforts, use a more readable font and font size.

  5. I really love this supplement, and I think it makes a great resource for any old school DM who wants to run psionics in their games.

  6. Replies
    1. It is designed as a 1e collection/supplement. The BP's are for people playing Hackmaster 4th edition (which is effectively a house ruled 1e). Since there was never a psionics supplement published for Hackmaster, these rules will work with the official version as that supplement.


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