Future Treasure

Now that the psionic document is almost finished (at least the majority of my work on it), I'm going to focus on one of the things that I've been most frustrated by in my old school game, and that's treasure.

Seriously? Coins, magic items and the occasional gem? That isn't how treasure works. I've looked for resources everywhere, and although there are some good ones, there are none that are comprehensive and generic. I've seen books with hundreds of really specific items (which are good to drop in and around frequently), and suggestions for quests and magic items, but that isn't what you'd really find that would be valuable.  Most things of value I suppose adventures would discover would be things like, oh, I don't know, goods and furniture, or perhaps jewelry and art.

It isn't my intent to eliminate gold, but simply provide a system that produces something more interesting then some coin totals and magic items with the occasional gem. I've already got the basics worked out and will try to put something together by next week.

"First, is magic actually quite scarce in your dungeons? It should be! Likewise, treasures should be proportionate both to the levels of the dungeon and the monsters guarding them. Second, absolute disinterest must be exercised by the Dungeonmaster, and if a favorite player stupidly puts himself into a situation where he is about to be killed, let the dice tell the story and KILL him." -E. G. Gygax, The Strategic Review Vol 2, 2.

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