Session Two

Session 1 synopsis:
Party finds the tree.
Hole miscommunicated,
markerboard clarity!

reach the beached boat,
hireling had brain eaten!?
re-watch zombie films.

During the second session, the player's headed out to the ship again after resting and healing. They also spent some time meeting a few of the townspeople and getting chided for not knowing the name of the hireling who died. They only knew him as a congenial sort. I believe the comment was made "That dude was probably a jerk anyway,". Little did they know that they were absolutely correct, despite his congenial nature, the hireling that died was very chaotic evil and was simply awaiting the chance to murder them all in a moment of weakness.

Now that I think about it, he's probably still awaiting that opportunity, but as a super-violent brain-eating zombie instead of a zero level schmuck.

Anyway, they return and find the ship empty, so they grab the cargo, and haul it all back to town. They do manage to make time after a bit of prompting from the quartermaster to have a service for the deceased hireling and, you know maybe ask the names of the other people who are willing to risk their life for the party. After an while of sorting and selling they head back out to the tree dungeon seeking the "halfling" thief, who in the wanted poster looks suspiciously like a gnome.

Once they arrive and go in, they head south, where they encounter and kill several spiny rodent like things (Dire Hedgehogs) in a room to the south. One of them manages to maul and critically hit Smoke, the parties dwarf hireling. It isn't serious, but the pain from his torn back muscle is causing him to receive a minus to hit. After some minor healing, and putting poor Smoke in the back, they move on. They round the corner and reach some doors that are locked. While trying to open them using brute strength, they attract the attention of several Dire Wild Rot Dawgs. Surprise is rolled and they party is surprised! Exciting for me.

The party is organized well, but the dogs still get free bites in on two of the henchmen guarding the corridor. All bites carry the deadly threat of the disease. The Double Specialist Conjurer puts a grease down in the hallway, as the party attempts to kill the dogs. An unlucky round later, and one of the dogs ends up right next to the conjurer and bites him! Yay for team get to kill the players in unusual ways!

The party thief attacks one of the dogs with two weapons, using a backstab and rolls not one but two critical hits in the same round. Sadly he has the flaw hacklust, which sends him into a killing frenzy every time he scores a critical. He makes his first save, but fails his second. And suddenly they have a very angry human gypsy who must do 60 some odd points of damage before he can calm down.

The party was stuck in a bit of the old 'if their aren't rules for it, I can't do it' before one of the hirelings gently suggested perhaps they might pull him down. They drag him to the ground and knock him out. It's getting late, so they retreat back to town to heal and rest up.

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