Session Three

Session Two Synopsis:
Return to the boat,
Catalog all the treasure.
Three hours later.
Underneath the tree
Dwarf hurt, then Disease Dawgs!
Bites for everyone.

At the start of the session, I had Aroldo Centi the character who was bitten roll his save versus poison at a minus six to avoid coming down with a deadly disease. His poison save is a 14, means that he needs to roll a 20 or better in order to avoid coming down with the disease.

He rolled a twenty.

The two bitten hirelings were not so lucky. Kalen Malek came down with the Rotting Death, and Nyles Rothchild came down with the black plague. As the symptoms started to appear and they got sicker and sicker they consulted a cleric for healing. Jerik Clawfoot, the morose dwarf cleric said that the dwarven gods could in fact cure them of their disease, for a simple donation of one thousand gold each.

The party hemmed and hawed and eventually jawed him down to six hundred gold each. He cast cure disease, and each disease failed its saving throw.

This act was quite important. By spending that money to save the lives of hirelings, it gave them enough of a loyalty bonus in general to counter their attitude so far. To the two men in particular it increased their loyalty a great deal. Nyles was not all that bright to begin with (and quite evil) but now he is unwaveringly loyal to the party (Aroldo in particular) because they are clearly his greatest path to personal power.

I promise all the people in town aren't evil. Just most of the ones they picked. :-)

They headed back down to the dungeon, and found a hallway with many statues of these strange frog-like people. Spiritspyre the Boarman Cleric identified them as the 'Gorn'. An ancient race that is no longer around. They soon found several Gnoll bodies, which rose up and had a hunger for brains! A charge against set pikes and several crossbow bolts later, and they were dealt with handily.

They moved into a small room with a pool and failed their surprise roll, so found themselves startled by several frog like creatures. They looked like the ones in the statues, but these were feral and their skin pulsed with a strange energy.

They attempted to form their standard defensive wall, when the frogmen easily leapt over them. Their defensive structure shattered, the corrupted gorn began tearing into their ranks. As they took damage, light and energy burst from their skin. Aroldo and Spiritspyre moved away from the combat (which seemed like a fairly normal thing for the smartest party members to do). Once the first corrupted Gorn was killed, he exploded in burst of energy, knocking the party down to it's last legs.

This battle was much more difficult then it should have been due to lucky rolls. Not a single one of the Gorn fell to a threshold of pain check which would have removed them from the battle without exploding. Grigori the gypsy thief tackled one of the remaining Gorn and killed it near the other Gorn. Sadly this was also where the majority of the hirelings were. It detonated, knocking both of his Gorn out, and nearly (down to the hit point in most cases) killing the entire party. One of the henchmen did die, strangely enough it was the man Nyles identified as his partner in crime. When healed from  his disease, he offhandedly mentioned to Aroldo during the course of his hero worship that Morris and he would slit throats of adventurers and steal everything from them before returning to town to do it again. Now as they stood looking at the corpse of Morrison, they shrugged, packed it up with the treasure in the pool and limped back to town.

It was late, so we ended the session at that.

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