Session Seven: Part One

Session Six synopsis:

Danger survived.
Lucky players got the loot.
Next time they will die.

So tonight was the first session with the new player, and I thought it went well. I have had players in the past who didn't enjoy role-playing, and a lot of this session was taken up with talking to people in town. I kept feeling rushed, because I'm not used to playing with a bunch of people who enjoy that kind of thing.

While they were moving the ophidanbiblograph back to town, a new boat arrived, carrying with it a whole bunch of new people. There were some Dwarven smiths to work as assistants with Segfa. Apparently a extreme religious group was also on the boat. There was a farmer and his family, and two mercenary companies, along with a few ner-do-wells made up the last of the people on the boat. And finally of course the new PC, Kyra the human monk.

They started to take care of business. Kyra was asked to watch the party by the Quartermaster. Sadly she came down with an disease while on the boat.So Kyra and Grigori went to see Jerik Clawfoot, the local (trustworthy) Cleric. He examined their diseases, while they asked them what they could do about them. His response, "Well, if it matters, your best plan is to kill yourself. There's no point to any of this really." Did I mention Jerik is very very depressed? Deciding that wasn't an option, Jerik told Kyra that he needed 600 gold to cast a cure disease spell to get rid of her goblin pox. She must have gotten it from that lone hobgoblin on the ship (goodness knows what they were doing!). She didn't have the money, so she borrowed it from Grigori, further tying her to the party. Jerik told Grigori that the bite from the snake-man would eventually turn him into a snake-man himself. Jerik said perhaps he could cure him, but he would need the blood from a living snake-man to repair the damage to his soul. He suggested visiting the alchemist to see if she could do anything to delay the eventually change.

The alchemist, a cautious gnome in a hut with a metal door with a metal wheel, pipes haphazardly sticking out of the roof, and six different kinds of smoke and steam coming from six different places yelled at them through the door.
"Who are you?"
"Jerik sent us."
"How do I know?"
"Uh, because we said?"
"Not good enough."

Eventually they persuaded Jayla the black, master alchemist, to let Grigori in, where she identified the potions from the last adventure (10 Extra-healing, still to be distributed, Love, Clairvoyance, and Levitation) and told him that she indeed could stop the spread of his disease, but that it would weaken his body over time.

While this was going on, Spiritspyre was talking to the cultists. They wore red robes, with small capes decorated like a beetle carapace. After failing to convince them to go home, Spiritspyre interrogated them about their god Klax, the beneficent, and became convinced that what they were talking about was actually a demon lord. There was an hour or so of running around trying to decide whether or not to murder the ambiguously aligned cleric of Klax, or just be thankful that a priest in town can raise the dead finally. ("Only if you accept the beauty and light that is our lord Klax into you heard will your soul receive his saving grace!"). Most of this time was spent with the party attempting to passive-aggressively disrupt their actions. I only find this strange, because this is a game of total freedom. Nothing at all would be disrupted by the wholesale slaughter of the cul-er priests.

This post is getting long, so I'm going to break it up into two different posts for ease of processing.

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