Session Seven: Part Two

New people in town.
Fuck, batshit crazy, run amok;
disease, cults, poison.

There was some discussion this week on the utility of thieves. They were a very popular class in the gaming groups I played in growing up. If I were a player of a thief, I would totally at some point secretly murder the leaders of the cult, and convince all of the followers that I was a high priest of Klax. (An easy task for a thiefy thief.)

Complete freedom means just that. I often feel that even though I have a great, super, group of super-intelligent, highly skilled group of players, that they are still too afraid of 'breaking things' or 'ruining something'. Then I realize that isn't it at all - it's that there's a real fear of the possible consequences. (i.e. filling the giant ants nest with molten lava takes care of the ants safely, but we're going to crawl in there, because we might destroy any possible treasure). More power to them.

It's very interesting to me, because there explicitly is not a 'best solution' or 'planned outcome' to any event in the game.

After dealing with the cultists.One of the farmers was standing in town trying to comfort his crying wife and daughter. Something about seeing two dozen signs saying "Go home", "You're all going to die", "Your Gods don't live here" "The land will kill your children in front of your eyes", etc. set up by Spiritspyre. They tried talking to him, but he seemed much more concerned about some new clothing, or perhaps various flowers.

The mercenary companies were talked to. Nefarious Halfling slingers, and Alturistic Heavy Infantry. They infantry was recruited to 'help around town', but other than that, they were left alone.

Finally, they decided that they really needed a live Snake-man. Instead of grabbing one of the corpses and resurrecting it, their new plan was to wander around randomly the caverns located in the back of the Valkori cave.

I am super totally ok with this. I explained later that *every* environment is primary randomly generated. Each has a theme, indicating the random generation method (rolling, geomorphs, dungeon generators), one to three hooks to new places, and a trick or two. The thing is, doing it at the table I believe makes them feel as if I don't have a plan. (It's not my fault they are very averse to going up and down levels).

First they walked around the Valkori cave, trying to figure out where that cavernous passage led. They saw no sign of it because it went down into a cavern system. They were surprised by giant spiders, which did manage to poison Kyra.

Then, they used the levitation potion to get a broader idea of the layout of the land and the jungle. After this they wandered around the cavern system for a bit until they ran across several barbed serpents. Kyra got a most excellent critical against the snakes, causing profuse bleeding, internal bleeding, and injury to it's pancreas, and approximately 30 points of damage. It failed it's threshold of pain as it flopped around like a firehose, spraying Kalen the henchmen with blood. After that, they explored a little more of the area, and decided to call it a night, heading back to town.

They got back to town and there we ended the session.

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