Magical Aging

Party mage: "I cast haste!"
(Party murders all opposition. Spell ends)
DM: "Everyone make your system shock roll!"
PC's: "Yes, everyone lives!"
DM: "Ok, everyone ages a year"
Human player: "This sucks notably more for me than for the elf!"
Elf player: "Hehehe. Sucker"

Well not in my game. There are many causes of magical aging, from the attack of a ghost, to casting powerful spells. When affected by magical aging, I think it's only fair that the aging be proportionate to the actual max age of a character. To calculate the value of the final age gained, simply multiply the values below times the number of years aged. So without further ado, I present the:
"How much older am I now?" conversion chart!

For 1 year of aging:

Dwarves age 3.18 years (or 3 years and 66 days)
Elves age 5 years
Gnomes age 3.18 years (or 3 years and 66 days)
Gnomelings age 2.27 years (or 2 years and 95 days)
Half-elves age  1.40 years (or 1 year and 149 days)
Halflings age 1.36 years (or 1 year and 132 days)
Half-ogres age .95 years (or 348 days)
Half-orcs age .63 years (or 232 days)
Humans age 1 year
Pixie fairies age .07 years (or 26 days)

Or, to have it be simple enough to remember you could round.

Elves gain 5 years.
Dwarves, Gnomes and Gnomelings gain 3 years.
Half-elves, Halflings, Half-ogres and Humans gain 1 year.
Half-orcs gain six months.
Pixie faries gain a month.

This table was made taking the average value of the maximum age range of PC's in the Hackmaster Player's Handbook.


  1. Personally, which form of aging I used would depend on the intended nature of the spell effect. If the intent of the spell was to age the victim a set percentage of their lifespan, then I could see the use of your conversion chart. If however the spell's intent was to literally consume a years-worth of life energies from the victim, then it should be a year straight up, even if you're playing a rat with a 3 year lifespan! :-) The differences in race or class should apply as equally to the drawbacks as the benefits, else there is little appreciation for these differences.

  2. It's my interpretation in the gestalt of Dungeons and Dragons, that the intent of the spell is to draw out a certain 'value' of life energy.

    Each race has it's own ration of this energy - clearly an elf uses the energy much more efficiently, hence why the loss of this static value impacts their lifespan more.

    Really though, mostly it's just to stymie elf wizards who poo poo the aging effect.


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