Here, released under OGL are the stats for the PC race of Gnoll. This is compatible with Hackmaster, but also 1st and 2nd edition. (With apologies to LurkerWithout who provided the base information for the class to follow)

Race: Gnoll
AKA:Wolfen, Wolf Men, Dog Men, Hyena Men,
Gnolls are large, evil, canine-like humanoids that roam the land in loosely organized bands. They stand approximately 7' Tall. They are humanoid, but the fine details more closely resemble a wolf, hyena, or dog. The skin of a gnoll is covered in short fur and varies depending on the breed.
Gnolls have their own language made up of growls, barks, and postures.
Gnolls prefer to live within ruins or abandoned buildings. They are often active during night. Gnoll Tribes are set up hierarchically with the stronger controlling the weaker using fear, intimidation, and violence. Much of this behavior is driven by their endless hunger, Gnolls will eat constantly and can only get a few minutes of satiation from the largest meals. Their constant hunger makes them irritable at the best of times.
Gnoll society has been known to use slaves, and work with other humanoids. Gnolls are usually Chaotic evil, though these tendencies can be overcome, and many tribes are Chaotic Neutral or even Good.
The Upside:
Racial Bonuses: Gnolls receive a 22 hit point kicker.
Gnolls are highly resistance to disease, See Talents
Due to their overwhelming hunger, all Gnolls receive one roll of “Forage for Food (by Climate)” and “Hunting” skills for free. They also receive “Identify Animal by Tracks” at 50%.
Initial Languages: Common, Canis (Gnoll/Gnarl-ron/Wolf-men), Homonid (Ape), Jotnar (Trolls/giants), Suidae (Boar men), Ophidian (reptile/lizard-men), Hellion (Goblinoid, orc), Arachnidia (spider)
Talents: Good Immune System (GG pg.69)
Allowable Classes:Fighter (14), Barbarian (U), Berserker (14), Bounty hunter (7), Gladiator (15), Knight errant (6), Cleric (5), Shaman (U), Chosen One (U), Zealot (10), Brigand (14), Infiltrator (11),, Thief (10)
Allowable Multi-Classes: Fighter/thief, Fighter/shaman, Shaman/thief
Attribute Modifiers: Gnolls gain/suffer the following bonuses/penalties +2 Strength, +2 Constitution, -2 Intelligence, -1 Wisdom, -1 Charisma, -2 Comeliness.
Building Point Bonus: 8
Additional Talents which may be purchased: Active sense of smell, Acute alertness, Acute taste, Ambidextrous, Attack bonus, Axe bonus, Brewing, Constitution/Health bonus, Damage bonus, Forest movement, Hit point bonus, Javelin bonus, Mace bonus, Spear bonus, Sword bonus, Stealth, Track game animal, Cower (GG pg. 68) Quick movement (GG pg. 69)
The Downside:
Gnolls qualify as large creatures and suffer more damage from many weapons.
Gnolls are always ravenously hungry. They must eat constantly, consuming 3x the daily ration amount of a normal human.
Due to their large size, armor and other equipment costs 200% that of humans and must be specially made to fit their elongated forms.

Other information
Background Modifications: 4F -50 / 4G +10 / 4H +10
Height: 84/80” + d12”
Weight: 165/145 + 4d10 lbs
Age: 7 + d4 Max Age: 33 +d4
Middle Aged → Old → Venerable: 16 → 22 → 33
Thief Mods: Pick pockets: -5, Open Locks: -5, Find Traps: -, Remove Traps: -, Move Silently: -, Hide in Shadows: +5, Detect Noise: +5, Climb Walls: -, Read Languages: -10


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