Death list

I won't usually have time to post on the weekends due to work. Since I'm just starting the blog up, I figured I'd try and throw a little something interesting out there.

Here is the list of my player deaths in Hackmaster. (17 skulls!)

1. Harcus kills Bobr with cause light wounds (Dead Body Burned in a Carin and sent to the gods)
2. Evil House kills Jewbu by a critical to the forehead (Brain Destroyed, Reincarnated)
3. Combaticus charmed by a gem kills Nurring (Left for dead)
4. Jin is killed by Amphisbaena poison (Resurrected)
5. Warin is cooked by Death Knights Fireball (Resurrected)
6. Erdrick is slain by Death Watch Beetle rattle (Raised from the dead)
7. Erdrick is killed by Blood Guzzler (Left to die as a coward)
8. Andoran is cut down by animated bugbears in stasis (Raise dead failed)
9. Iorran was critically hit in the groin by a bone demon hook (Raised from the dead)
10. Josh2's cleric was mind blasted by a Su-Monkey (Raised from the dead)
11. Iorran was roasted by the quadrielemental demon. (Ashed, Reincarnated)
12. Faoramir had his arm bitten off by a Juju zombie (Raised from the dead)
13. Drake had his throat cut and spine damaged by a Barbezu demon (Raised from the Dead)
14. Jin killed by a reflected lightning bolt. (Raised from the dead)
15. Faoramir killed by Avacia using a lightning wand. (Dead)
16. Gareth killed by death ray from beholder. (Raised from the Dead)
17. Combaticus killed by a burning flame from a Director Beholder-Kin. (Raised from the Dead)

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