Here, released under OGL are the stats for the PC race of Bullywug. This is compatible with Hackmaster, but also 1st and 2nd edition.

Race: Bullywug
Bullywugs are bipedal frog-like amphibians inhabiting swamps, marshes, and other dank locations. They are covered with a smooth, mottled olive green hide that gives them natural protection. They have the faces of enormous frogs, characterized by a wide mouth and bulging eyes. Like frogs, their hands and feet are webbed. They begin big as adults (6' tall) and can grow as large as 12' in extreme cases.
Bullywugs are violent fascist sexist savages. Bullywugs are extremely efficient and cooperative with each other, helping each other without conflict to survive in stark contrast to other Chaotic Evil races. They also do not display the greed or lust for power normally seen in other evil races. They rarely fight among themselves. They direct all their violence and hostility against women first, and non-bullywugs males second.
Females (of any species) are viewed as nothing more than egg-layers. Women are kept tied, and are beaten and raped until their spirit is broken or they are killed. If broken they are then trained as slaves for acts of indescribable turpitude. Males of other races do not fair much better, being given to those of lower status in the tribe, unless strong or powerful in some way. In which case they are systematically broken of spirit and made slaves of the highest ranking members of the tribes.
It is clear due to their ability to work together smoothly that this behavior is a cultural artifact, rather than a behavioral norm. Thus many Bullywug adventurers are female Bullywugs, or youth that avoid having their conscious broken until they can flee.
The Upside
Racial Bonuses: Bullywugs receive a 23 hit point kicker.
Swim at 15” Round, (9”in armor)
Bullywugs are excellent swimmers and receive four rolls of the “Swimming” skill in addition to receiving “Swimming, Dog Paddle” at 100%
Bullywugs gain a racial natural Armor Class of 6.
Initial Languages: Common, Canis (Gnoll/Gnarl-ron/Wolf-men), Homonid (Ape), Jotnar (Trolls/giants), Suidae (Boar men), Ophidian (reptile/lizard-men), Hellion (Goblinoid, orc), Arachnidia (spider) Chordata (Kuo-Toa, Troglodites, Bullywugs),
Bullywugs have chameleon abilities that make them 75% undetectable in natural surroundings when hiding.
Ambush. When lying in wait their opponents receive a -2 to their surprise rolls
Hop attack Bullywugs can hop 30' forward and 15' up giving them a +1 to hit and allowing them to do double damage. They must execute the full hop to get the bonus. (needing clearance of 25' or more above)
Bullywugs may hold their breath for extended periods of time. He may hold his breath for a number of Turns equal to his Constitution/3. (In opposition to other races who can hold their breath for 'rounds')
Bullywugs receive the “Aquatic Background” Talent for free. (CG pg. 57). This does not affect their swim speed.
Allowable Classes:Fighter (10), Bezerker (9), Barbarian (12), Shaman (7), Druid (6), Thief (9), Painted Mage (5),
Allowable Multi-Classes: None
Attribute Modifiers: Bullywugs gain/suffer the following bonuses/penalties: +1 Strength (+2 if over 9' tall), +1 to Dexterity; -2 to Wisdom; -3 to Intelligence, -2 to Charisma
Building Point Bonus:6
Additional Talents which may be purchased: Acute Alertness, Acute Taste, Freeze, Speak with Plants, Spear bonus, Multiattack Bonus (CG), Unyielding (CG), Burst of Speed (ZG), Curse Resistance (ZG), Paralyzation Bonus (ZG), Poison Bonus (ZG), Purdish (ZG), Puritanical (ZG),
The Downside:
Bullywugs are poorly suited for walking. They have a 3” walking speed.
Bullywugs must wet their entire bodies 3x a day. If they are unable to they lose 2 points of Constitution per missed bath
Bullywugs may qualify as large creatures (7'+) and may suffer more damage from many weapons.
Due to their possible large size, armor and other equipment may cost 200% that of humans.
Bullywugs have difficulty speaking other languages than Chordata. The air they require to make the noise causes them to croak often while speaking.
Other creatures react poorly to Bullywugs if they have ever encountered or heard of them before (-4 reaction adjustment)
Other information
Background Modifications: 4F -50 / 4G -10 / 4H -10
Height:60”/58”+ 8d10+1d4
Weight: 200/180 + 3d100
Age: 14+d8 Max: 200+2d20
Middle Aged → Old → Venerable:85 → 145 → 195
Thief Mods:Pick pockets: -10, Open Locks: -5, Find Traps: -5, Remove Traps: -5, Move Silently: +5, Hide in Shadows: +5, Detect Noise: +15, Climb Walls: -15, Read Languages: -15

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