I feel the need to balance blogging content with resources. So, here, released under OGL, are the stats for the PC race of Boar-man. This is compatible with Hackmaster, but also 1st and 2nd edition Dungeons and Dragon.

Race: Boar Man
Boar men from a distance resemble orcs, albeit shorter, they are nothing of the kind. They have a sophisticated culture with intricate religious practices, cities with remarkable innovations and talents in building and fighting. They are excellent at figuring and solving mathematical equations.
Boar men prefer natural environments, particularly warm forests, where they use trees for their shade and natural beauty. Boar men have ancient histories that they teach placing them as the first creatures to walk the land.
Boar Men are an intelligence and secretive species. It is culturally unacceptable for Boar Men to speak to someone before they have spend several days in proximity with that person. That, and their close resemblance to Orcs has made parley and diplomacy murderous affairs when cultures that have been exposed to Orcs first meet them. This in turn has made them even more secretive.
The Upside:
Racial Bonuses:
Boar Men receive a 24 point kicker.
Boar Men have a Movement Rate of 15”
Boar Men can take Academic Skills for ½ BP Cost. (But must pay more for combat procedures)
Boar Men have a Tusk Attack that does 1-4 Damage
Boar Men have tough hides, giving them a natural armor class of 6.
Initial Languages: Common (trade language), Canis (Gnoll/Gnarl-ron/Wolf-men), Homonid (Ape), Jotnar (Trolls/giants), Suidae (Boar-men), Ophidian (reptile/lizard-men), Arachnidia (spider), Chordata (Kuo-Toa, Troglodites, Bullywugs), Fay, Dialects->High/Grey/Wild (Pixie-Farie, Elf, Grey), Lilliputian (Gnome, Halfling, Burrowing mammals), Hellion (Goblinoid, orc), Montus (Dwarven, Undercommon), Sign
Allowable Classes: Fighter (9), Ranger (7), Thief (11), Bard (6), Brigand (12), Magic User (12), Battle-Mage (8), Invoker (10), Diviner (14), Conjurer (12), Abjurer (8), Transmuter (8), Elementalist (15), Bood Mage (7), Cleric (12), Druid (14), Shaman (U), Zealots (*)
Allowable Multi-Classes: Druid/Ranger, Fighter/Thief, Shaman/Elementalist, Druid/Elementalist, Fighter/Cleric, Fighter/Druid
Attribute Modifiers: Boar Men gain/suffer the following bonuses/penalties: +2 to Intelligence; -1 to Strength; -1 to Charisma, -2 to Comeliness
Building Point Bonus: 14
Additional Talents which may be purchased: Acute Sense of smell, Acute Taste, Attack Bonus, Attack Higher Bonus, Breath Weapon Bonus, Called Shot Bonus, Concentration, Courage, Cower, Curse Resistance, Damage Bonus, Damage Cap Bonus, Death Magic Bonus, Defender Bigger Bonus, Detect Poison, Divination, Divine Shield, Divine Smite, Elemental Resistance, Endurance, Enhanced Turning, Fast Turning, Follow-through Healing, Good Immune System, Hardy Traveler, High Tolerance, Javelin Bonus, Legacy, Life Smite, Magic Trap Sense, Mass Turning, Multiattack Bonus, Pain Resistance, Paralyzation Bonus, Poison Bonus, Precision Casting, Quick Casting, Quick Charge, Quick Movement, Receptive Healer, Reduce Facing, Second Sight, Simultaneous Backstab Attack, Spear Bonus, Stealth, Thick Blood, Thick Headed, Unyielding, Vigor
The Downside: None

Other information
Background Modifications: 4F -30 / 4G - / 4H -10
Height: 54/54 +3d4
Weight: 250/240 + 4d10
Age: 16+2d4 Max Age:70+4d8
Middle Aged → Old → Venerable: 35 → 50 → 70
Thief Mods:Pick pockets: -5, Open Locks: +10, Find Traps: -, Remove Traps: +10, Move Silently: -, Hide in Shadows: -, Detect Noise: +5, Climb Walls: -5, Read Languages: +10


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